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Unlock the Power of Measurement-Based Care in Your Mental Health Practice

Friday, May 17, 2024

10:00am EST


Join Megan Speck, LCMHC on Friday, May 17, 2024, and discover the transformative power of Measurement-Based Care for mental health practices. 

Megan will cover the benefits of implementing MBC into your existing practice, and also highlight how simple it is to integrate MBC into your existing workflow.

Meet the Speaker

Megan Speck, LCMHC

Megan Speck, LCMHC

Therapist Success Manager

Chittenden County Vermont

Unlock the Power of Measurement-Based Care in Your Mental Health Practice








The Simplest Measurement-Based Care Platform Ever

We built SyncUp alongside Licensed Therapists and Practitioners.  This means that every decision had not only the client in mind but also the therapist in mind and how you run your practice.


Increased Patient Engagement

Clients enrolled in syncup are constantly engaged in their mental health journey.  This increased engagement leads to better mental health success!


Visualize Progress Over Time

We have a goal of being able to show the value of therapy over time to clients.  Through visualization on our mobile app, clients remained engaged between sessions.


Have The Data To Make The Best Clinical Decisions

Therapists have the data at their fingertips and can be more prepared for their clients.  This data helps you engage quicker in your sessions and helps prevent those doorknob confessions!

Track and Monitor Your Clients Progress

Providers have access to our SyncUp portal to be able to see and manage all of their clients in one place.